Referral RX, 13 years of successful experience in providing Medical Billing Services to 100’s of clients.


Medical billing is closely related to medical coding and both of these services are crucial aspects in today’s modern healthcare industry. Both of these aspects are involved in an important cycle of reimbursement to ensure that the health care providers are remunerated for the services rendered.


Medical billing sounds rather simple – medical billers gather information from the medical coder and processes a bill for the insurance company. This is called a “claim.” But while it sounds really simple, the process is as complex as everything related to health care systems.


This is why many health care industries are worried about indemnification. If the processes on medical billing and coding are not thorough, there could be problems and issues related to the provider’s claims. It may entail lengthy resubmission and postponement or cancellation of payments. To avoid these things from happening, a trusted medical billing and coding service is necessary.


ReferralRX is known to provide billing services that are focused on convenience, ease, and best practices. We help clients ensure that payments for health care providers are processed accordingly and make it easier for them to get the payments without any hassle.


Apart from Medical Billing and Coding Services, ReferralRX also offer other services including:
  • Comprehensive Chart Auditing
  • Management Workflow Training
  • Provider Credentialing and Enrollment
  • Patient Billing,
  • Revenue Cycle Management
Our team of professional medical billers and coders are experts in these fields. Clients are assured that all necessary details are quickly and accurately read, recorded, interpreted and tracked. This includes complicated medical information, the confidentiality of patients and other significant details.

Why Trust Us with Your Medical Billing and Coding Requirements?

ReferralRX employs only the best people for responsible, accurate, detailed and thorough data recording. Our medical coders are highly-knowledgeable on medications, medical equipment, diagnoses, treatment, and procedures. Extracting this data from various sources such as lab results, medical notes, pathology, radiologic assessments, transcriptions, and others. Based on this information, ReferralRX medical coders can convert data into alphanumeric codes.

A reliable medical billing and coding system is essential in health care practices. This ensures that the cycle of revenue moves smoothly along with the daily operation of the health care institution.

ReferralRX have medical billers and coders who are well-informed about different private and public insurance plans as well as the terms and conditions that come with each one of them. Our team is also skilled in bill adjustment, collections management; appeal submissions, claim denial resolutions, payment posting and claim follow up.


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